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4 Green Tea Benefits You Might Not Know About

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, no doubt you’ll be aware of the buzz surrounding green tea extract and its fat burning properties.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, no doubt you’ll be aware of the buzz surrounding green tea extract and its’ fat burning properties. In this post we bring you a need to know guide on green tea and the benefits surrounding consuming it.

Lower Risk of Death

It was found in a study that consuming green tea collated with a lower risk of death. In fact the study found that by drinking just one cup of green tea per day you could see up to a 4% lower risk of death from any cause.[1]

We appreciate that the reduction in the likelihood of death is very slight. However, if you’re dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle you should be focused on living well for as long as possible. Why wouldn’t you? This makes green tea extracts a great place to start in achieving this.

Lowers Cholesterol

We don’t need to lecture you on the potential health implications associated with having high cholesterol. This often comes about as part of a poor diet or other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

If high cholesterol is a worry for you then fear not, green tea may be the drink for you!

Green Tea lowers total and LDL cholesterol concentrated within your blood.[2] High cholesterol is a problem for many people later on in life so actively seeking to lower your cholesterol can be a real health benefit going forwards.

It’s Low Calorie

So Green Tea is usually associated with being healthy, you’re probably thinking “well duh of course it’s low calorie”. Rightly so but when we say it’s low calorie, we mean it’s really low. This contains just 1 calorie per 100ml.

This is especially relevant If you’re a lover of the calorific hot chocolates with cream marshmallows and the full works. Switching your hot chocolate to a green tea definitely won’t be as tasty, but the health benefits are oh so worth it!

It’s Booming

Figures recorded for green tea production back in 2013 are set to double in by 2023.[3] There’s a huge market for health and fitness products and the green tea manufacturers are set to benefit from this booming industry.

This doesn’t seem to just be a craze which is often the case with many supplements you’ve seen come and go. More and more people are realising the health and lifestyle benefits associated with green tea. If you’ve come this far it’s likely you have to and we applaud you in your efforts for living a more healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

There’s a real buzz surrounding green tea within the health and fitness industry. This is because it’s heavily associated with holding fat burning properties. So much so that the other benefits it offers are often overlooked by those who consider consuming it.

If you’re looking for a simple cost effective way to improve your diet green tea extract is the way to go.

It bears many benefits to your health. Including reduced chances of death, lowering your cholesterol and providing you with a low calorie healthy drink.

If you’re considering purchasing some why not check out our post in which we list some great green tea extracts. The great thing about green tea is it’s pretty cheap, because of this you won’t have wasted much money if you decide it’s not for you. This isn’t always the case with more expensive supplements such as protein and pre workout.



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